4 – function scaffolding ladder with platform

Universal, multi-purpose aluminium scaffolding compliant with European EN 131 norm. Possibility of conversion into a freestanding step ladder or extension ladder. Ideal for renovation or gardening works. One product - many possibilities.
project 1

project 1

BS-DR 2x7

number of steps 2x7
depth of the folded ladder mm A 764
max. height of the folded ladder mm B 1907
max. height of two-piece ladder mm C 2951
length of the scaffolding ladder mm D 1217
ladder height mm V1 2763
working height of ladder mm V2 3770
max. height of the ladder free standing mm V3 1822
working height of the freestanding ladder mm V4 2820
min. scaffolding height mm V5 476
scaffolding height mm V6 734
max. scaffolding height mm V7 994
total height of scaffolding ladder mm V8 1907
working height of the ladder-scaffolding mm V9 2994

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