Bayersystem Ladders are ladders to success

Based on 60-year market experience, 10 years ago Metalkas created the Bayersystem brand which offers products for workshop and transport applications and guarantees a safe word at heights.


The high-quality Bayersystem products meet the requirements of the European standard EN 131 and are TÜV-certified. The company themselves have been awarded with a number of prizes and distinctions, including Fair Play Company, Business Gazelle, Forbes Diamonds, Certificate of Business Credibility and the Environmentally Close Company Certificate, FSC Certificate.
Bayersystem has a stable market position, so our business partners and customers can rely on a credible partner.

Number 01

Modern, fully automatic production lines

Number 02

Innovative technologies

Number 03

Production capacity of 140,000 ladders a month

Number 04

Implemented Quality Management System compliant with ISO 9001:2009

Number 05

Products offered in 30 countries

Bayersystem machine park


Number 52

an combination ladder is produced
at the Bayersystem factory


Number 21

an household ladder is produced
at the Bayersystem factory

High safety standards

according to European Union directives

Built in compliance with the latest safety rules and the European Union directives, the line is equipped with a perimetric safety protection.


Fully automated production line

Remotely monitored

The entire system is managed by a dedicated computer system controlling all feeders and conveyors. Remotely monitored through an Internet connection.


Advanced & Customizable

production line

The line is operated with 4 slots and 20 diferent tools during one process cycle.


Precision and repeatability

of each element

Designed and made by one of the leading European companies creating high-precision automotive industry lines.


Selected certificates

  • Certyfikat Złoty Płatnik 2016
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